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Olympo series: wood cookers and ovens

The Olympo series is a much more avant-garde range of wood-burning cookers with the PrensaStove seal of quality. They have different features that make them even more unique.

Olympo cookers and ovens by Prensastove are high quality and professional, able to offer a design cooker or oven while being able to heat the space.


Olympo series: featured wood-burning cookers and ovens

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Olympo firewood

By Prensastove

The Olympo series, like the Volcano series, are characterised by a combustion system using wood, which can be normal, ecological or special wood. Olympo has been manufactured by PrensaStove as a more innovative, avant-garde and high quality line, compared to the more classic models of the Volcano series. The Olympo series is dominated by fusions between black and greyish colours, colours that adapt and adapt to each space, without forgetting the most modern and groundbreaking cookers manufactured in bright colours.
Cookers, ovens, furnaces, boilers and other derivatives of Prensa Stove are equipped with an exclusive combustion chamber offering a healthier and more pleasant heat for the home. The cookers and ovens of the Olympo range have a common denominator, they all have interiors lined with vermiculite stone. Vermiculite stone is a high-capacity material that has great thermal properties and can optimise combustion and obtain a higher performance than 80%. It is also a fireproof material with great insulating capacity, making the Olympo series of Prensa Stove large and durable cookers and ovens.

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