Wood-burning cookers to suit you

Garden Series

The Garden series stands out for its classic and robust designs, with straight lines and high quality elements. 

Their large size allows for large capacity baking and their temperature control gives them that characteristic Prensastove plus, which is essential to control the temperature inside at all times and guarantee perfect baking. Wood-fired ovens are perfect for any home or business.

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Wood-fired ovens


The series Garden is made up of cookers that have an oven module and can be used for both cooking and heating, as well as a barbecue griddle with a multitude of functionalities. The entire range of ovens in the Garden series are made of refractory brick. Refractory brick is a ceramic material that has a series of special characteristics, such as its resistance to high temperatures and abrasion. The refractory brick is able to withstand temperatures of up to 982ºC. This makes it suitable for this type of oven.

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