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Oven accessories: PrensaStove creates this series of accessories to offer a plus to your ovens and cookers. It offers a greater calorific power with its fans, or ignites through its controls. See all the accessories that PrensaStove has for you.

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Accessories: Tubes and hats

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By Prensastove

Presa Stove has developed a series of accessories to convert any oven or cooker into a preferential product with more functions, in order to offer products with maximum performance and greater capacities.

In terms of accessories, Prensa Stove has included in its range new elements related to cooking methods, offering added value and a plus in this area.

Developing and making available to the customer new elements, combining technology and design in these new accessories that will be a perfect complement in terms of cooking, grilling or more technological comfort in this area.

Prensa Stove knows the importance of being equipped and offering its customers a new series of elements that can meet their needs, always, with amazing qualities.

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