Wood-burning cookers Prensa Stove.

This series of cookers is characterised by a combustion system using wood, which can be normal wood, ecological wood or special wood.

This type of cooker is the undisputed queen when it comes to powerful heating systems. The intensity will always depend on the type of wood used for combustion. For example, the most common are oak, walnut or birch, among others, due to their high calorific value and long burning time. Although there are many types of firewood on the market.

These types of cookers or fireplaces also provide a feeling of warmth, which has an added value by reducing stress and increasing the feeling of tranquillity, wellbeing and comfort in the space where they are installed.

The Islas series is manufactured by PrensaStove taking care of the smallest detail to obtain a refined product, with the highest quality and advanced treatments. In addition, before leaving our factory they must undergo a series of performance tests that give them our seal of quality.

All products in the Islas series come with a one-year warranty and are guaranteed by Prensa Stove.

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