This series of cookers are characterised by a combustion system known as the pellet. Pellet cookers are one of the most popular and revolutionary heating systems. Their differential value is that they are renewable heating systems. They generate and provide the rooms with heat by means of a combustible fuel. 100% recyclable: the pellet. The pellet is a component made from totally vegetable waste that is introduced into the cooker and processed, generating heat and comfort in the room where it is installed. The pellet generates hardly any ash and soot, as it is a natural type of biomass.

Pellet Stoves


At Stove Press we are aware of the growing importance of renewable energies and their implementation in homes. This is the reason why we have launched the Norway rangea line of cookers and ovens from pellet capable of providing that eco part, without forgetting comfort and, of course, design. On Stove Press we are ahead of the market to offer a finished product of the highest performance and great benefits. The Norway series has six different models of pellet cookers capable of adapting to every space and offering maximum performance in every room.

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