Advantages of pellet cookers

It is not surprising that pellet cookers have positioned themselves as one of the most popular methods of heating a home in recent years. Its advantages and benefits make this heating system a revolution in terms of the way a building is heated during the cold season.

Advantages of pellet cookers

For anyone who doesn't know, a pellet cooker is nothing more than a renewable heating system.

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This quality is achieved by generating and supplying heat using a totally renewable fuel called pellets. This material is manufactured from vegetable waste completely ecological. The pellets are introduced inside the cooker where they are processed by means of an electrical connection to heat the room where they are installed.

Advantages of pellet cookers

7 advantages of installing a pellet cooker 

The following advantages of installing a pellet cooker at home can be summarised.

1. Ecological system

Starting with the fact that it is a highly ecological, renewable and environmentally friendly heating system. low CO2 emissionswhich makes it the most ecofriendly system on the market. If you care about the environment, this is the heating system for you. Pellets are mainly composed of shredded wood.

2. High efficiency

The use of pellet cookers achieves a high level of comfort The thermal insulation, which improves the quality of life in the homes and other spaces where they are installed on cold days of the year.

This type of object offers a high calorific value and a high high performanceThis optimises its use in any installation.

3. Very economical

The fuel used is waste fuel, which makes it very economical. Moreover, its market price is fairly stable, with no unexpected increases or decreases.

On the other hand, as its use is becoming increasingly widespread, it is common to find sacks of this material in any commercial establishment, so it is not necessary to travel long distances (with the expense that this entails) to acquire them.

Globally, energy savings emissions achieved with this system is very significant compared to other heating fuels.

4. Comfortable

Its installation is really simple, producing quality heat and a pleasant thermal sensation wherever it is placed.

By having a high calorific valueWith small amounts of pellets, a large amount of energy can be obtained. They are considered ideal for heating small flats or specific areas quickly.

5. Very clean and easy to maintain system

Compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, their smoke output is more discreet and they are much less dirty. Comparatively speaking, pellets take up much less space than wood and do not give off debris or shavings.

On the other hand, pellets do not produce any odour, unlike when paraffin or other gases are burned for heat.

Maintenance and cleaning of pellet cookers is carried out simply and quickly. As pellet cookers are combustion cookers, they generate waste, so removing the ash is essential to ensure optimum operation.

For basic and efficient care, it is only necessary to remove the ashtray in which the ashes from the ashing process fall. pellet combustionShake it out and clean it with a brush. To get it completely clean, it can be vacuumed.

6. Insurance

Although in terms of safety and risk of fire, these cookers behave in the same way as a wood-burning fireplaceThe difference is that biomass (pellet) cookers work automatically and are considered to be much safer. The fuel used is hardly flammable and does not explode, unlike oil or gas.

In any case, it is important to ensure that the heat exchanger is properly ventilated; the cooker must never be left unventilated.

In the event of an electronic fault, if the cooker receives more fuel than necessary and the ventilation is insufficient, it should switch itself off thanks to its sensors.

7. Easy to use

The last of the advantages to be discussed in this article is that they operate automatically and require little or no maintenance.

You don't need to be an expert, nor do you need to be skilled to lighting the fire in this type of machine. Most of them are programmable and can even be switched on and adjusted remotely using wi-fi.

As mentioned in section 6, in the event of any anomaly, error or risk, they stop their operation, so there is no need to worry in this respect either.

Generally speaking, they are very easy to use, especially the modern models which are fully automated. In these new designs it is enough to press a couple of buttons to operate the cooker.

The most modern ones incorporate new functionalities, such as digital thermostatsThe system offers different forms of programming and even allows the possibility of control them from a mobile device. 

Advantages of pellet cookers

How many types of pellet cookers are there?

Despite what one might think at first, there is no single option for choosing a biomass cooker. Although they all offer the same benefits as listed above, there are differences between the three main models; air, ductable and thermo-stove.

Air pellet cookers

They are the most basic, but also the more environmentally friendly and efficient, which makes them the most popular. With this model, in addition to emitting heat by burning pellets, other types of natural waste can be used, such as olive pits or almond shells, among others.

As already mentioned, it has the highest energy efficiency and uses up to a 80% of the energy it generates. Thanks to a display or thermostat, the user can regulate the temperature to be reached, optimising comfort.


In this other model, all the aforementioned characteristics are grouped together, as well as having an additional fan, so they are capable of propelling hot air and heating larger rooms or rooms adjoining the one where it is located.

The thermo-stove

Of all of them, this is the most complete and, therefore, also the most expensive. Its equipment allows it to heat the room in which it is located, as well as to supply the water radiator circuit.

Its design includes the option of auto shutdown if it detects any type of anomaly in its system. For this reason it is also considered the safest of the three.


Ultimately, their small differences do not prevent their common denominator, which is that they are capable of heat up quickly and with low energy consumption in the rooms where they are installed.

Undoubtedly, they are the machines that best heat in a sustainable way, while allowing significant energy and economic savings. These characteristics are achieved mainly due to the nature of their fuel, pellets.

Advantages of pellet cookers

One last advantage; the installation of a pellet cooker

Surprisingly, installing a pellet cooker is really simple. All you need is a flue connection, which consists of an approved steel pipe, the chimney and its corresponding cap.

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Similarly, it is essential to have a smoke vent, either pre-installed or can be made, an electrical connection not too far away and, if possible, a place to store the pellet bags close to the cooker (for convenience).

Advantages of pellet cookers

In order to carry out this installation correctly and safely, the flue gas connection to the chimney will require high quality, thick and very resistant pipes (between 80 and 100 mm in diameter).

These flues for pellet cooker flues shall be located at the rear of the pellet cooker and shall be made from enamelled or stainless steel.

It is essential that the place where the cooker is to be installed has good ventilationIf this is not the case, an external air intake should be made. Also, the right size and power must be chosen for the dimensions of the space to be heated.

Lastly, it must be placed in a location with no unevenness, which can support the weight of the cooker, as close as possible to an outside wall and to the flue pipe, so as not to extend the flue pipe too much.

Advantages of pellet cookers

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